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Implementing Stop in a Synchronous Integration.



In this blog I will be explaining on overcoming the limitation of having a stop action in a synchronous Integration.

Main Article

The main goal of this article is about achieving to stop the synchronous integration wherever its required.

In case of Asynchronous Integration by default we get at stop action at the end of the Integration whereas in synchronous integration by default we can’t use it.

But when you want to stop the integration abruptly at any point, how to achieve it.

There are three ways to do it:

1)      If you want to get rid of the return at the end and convert it to stop, in other words if you want to convert synchronous to asynchronous, uncheck the configure response payload option in the trigger.


2)      Use throw new fault action at point to stop the integration abruptly irrespective of if it is synchronous or asynchronous.


3)      This one may or may not work in some cases…drop a choose action and on the TRUE path drop the stop action as shown below:



Hoping that above shared information is helpful, and you had learnt something new today.


Please share and comment to encourage me to share more such interesting content.

-Preetham Konjeti 


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